Advantage Acre® is a simplified, comprehensive field management tool that takes the complexity of digital agriculture and makes is practical.

Advantage Acre has three platforms:




What is the cost of Advantage Acre?

  • The basic Advantage Acre features are free.
  • Advantage Acre PLUS is $399/ annual subscription
  • Advantage Acre VR is $3.00/ acre (after Advantage Acre Plus subscription)

What does the free version of Advantage Acre include?

  • Create account and link to an AgReliant brand
  • Create/upload fields, soil data, and yield data
  • Seed and Field planning tool
  • Current and past weather data
  • View USDA Soil Survey Maps

What does Advantage Acre PLUS include?

  • All features in the free version of Advantage Acre, plus:
  • Add as-planted data
  • Access to the Advantage Acre Scouting App
  • View crop growth progress
  • Access the Weathertrends360 long-term forecasts
  • View dynamic Functional Soil Mapping
  • Variable rate planting recommendation at a per acre charge

What is Weathertrends360?

  • Latest in advanced weather forecasting
  • Uses precision mathematics to provide long-term forecasts up to 11 months in advance with 84% accuracy, on average
  • Provides growers the ability to be proactive rather than reactive throughout the cropping season

What is Functional Soil Mapping and how does it work?

  • Standard maps view your field as a two-dimensional area. Functional Soil Mapping (FSM) expands that view into a three-dimensional area to more accurately assess each field’s unique topography & identify its precision points.

What seed brands offer Advantage Acre?

  • Advantage Acre is a product of AgReliant Genetics and is available through AgriGold, LG Seeds, Great Lakes Hybrids, Producers, Wensman and Golden Acres.

When does the Advantage Acre Plus subscription start/end?

  • When you subscribe to Plus, the Plus features will be available to you for one calendar year.

Can I share my information with others?

  • The Collaborators Tool within Advantage Acre allows field information to be shared between the account holder and employees, landlords, etc. The account holders can choose the fields to be shared and give either full permission to edit or just the ability to view.