Case IH Pro 700

CaseIH Pro 700v30


Case IH Pro 700

1. Download the variable rate recommendation from your Advantage Acre® account, and move the zipped file to your blank flash drive.
2. Once moved into your flash drive the file must be unzipped. To un-zip the file, right click on the file, and select Extract All.1

After unzipping the files, there will be three files unzipped on your flash drive.


3. Create a new folder in your flash drive named Shapefile. This is the only way the monitor will recognize the variable rate recommendations.


4. Move all three of the files into the folder named Shapefile. The picture below is the view of the flash drive after the files have been moved.4

5. Next, insert the flash drive into the monitor BEFORE starting your tractor.


a. A caution pop-up window will appear after starting your monitor. You will have two buttons to select from, either OK or Import. Select the Import2 button.
b. If you do not see Import2, scroll over to the right with the arrow button.
c. This is under the Data Management Tab. If you accidentally miss this pop-up window.


7. After selecting the Import2 button, your screen will have 6 drop-down options.


a. You will have one drop-down option called Source.
– Ensure the Source drop-down says Shapefile.
b. The next drop-down option will say Data Type; select Prescription.
c. The next drop-down box will be labeled Prescription and that tab will list your entire variable rate maps that are on the flash drive you inserted. Please select the VR Recommendation associated with the field.
d. Once the desired field is selected, a pop-up window will appear called Product Selection. Press OK and your Variable Map will appear.
e. Then click on the Select Field drop down and enter the corresponding Grower, Farm, and Field.
f. Next, you will select the Product Form drop down menu and select Seed.
g. Now click on Units and select sds/ac.
h. Lastly, at the top right-hand side of the screen click Import and then click Enter.

8. Go back to the home screen and select Work Condition.


9. At the bottom select the Layer tab88.JPG

a. Assign your work condition like you normally would when you are planting by selecting Work Condition and type in Planting.
b. For Layer 1 select Seed.
c. For Product 1 select the Product that you will be planting in this field.

10. Go back to the home screen and select Performance.


 11. At the bottom, scroll to the right and select RX Setup. 


a. At the top, enable Auto Reload Rx.
b. Select the corresponding Grower, Farm, and Field to the VR recommendation.
c. Select Prescription 1, and click the VR recommendation.
d. Set the Out Of Zone Rate 1. If GPS location is lost, the Out Of Zone Rate 1 population will be planted until GPS location returns.

12. The variable rate has now been loaded into your Case Pro 700 monitor, you are ready to plant.
13. If you have any questions or need help, please contact Advantage Acre support via email ( or call the support line at 1-(855)-278-9134. Case IH is also available to be reached at 855-423-7435.