Create a Field

Create a Field – Instructional PDF

How do I create a field in Advantage Acre?

1. Log on to Advantage Acre and click New Grower in the bottom left corner. Once a
grower has been added, click New Field after clicking the drop-down arrow next to the


2. You can add a new field by uploading a shapefile, drawing a boundary, or by selecting
common land units.

3. To draw a field boundary, use this icon 2.

4. Once finished drawing, enter in the field name, farm name, and the crop.


5. To remove boundaries from a field, use this icon5.

How do I add a field using shapefiles?
1. First, select New Field from the home screen.

2. Then select the Upload a shapefile icon.


3. Next, choose a shapefile from your computer.
4. Make sure the file is in a compressed zip format. Otherwise, it will not upload correctly.


5. Your field is uploaded in Advantage Acre.

I am uploading shapefiles to form a field and it is not working, what should I do?

1. Make sure that the files you are loading are field boundaries. Sometimes it is easy to get the wrong file types uploaded into the system.
2. Make sure the files are in the compressed zip format.