John Deere 2630

JD 2630 – Uploading VR Recs


Loading VR Recs into JD 2630

To load a VR rec from Advantage Acre® into your JD 2630, please follow these steps:

  1. Before loading your VR prescription onto the flash drive, you must first unzip the shapefile

Zip file 1

2.  To unzip the files, right click on the zipped (compressed) folder. Select “Extract All

Zip file 2

3. After extracting the files from the zipped folder, place all parts into a folder named “Rx”

Rx folder

Note: This folder must be named “Rx” or the monitor will not recognize it

4. Once the files are unzipped and into the “Rx” folder, plug the flash drive into your 2630 monitor


5.  Once doing so, your monitor will show a screen titled Data Transfer with 3 options, please select IMPORT GLOBAL PRESCRIPTIONS AND SHAPEFILE DATA


6. The next screen titled, Import Data will also give three options. Please choose IMPORT Rx


7. Your screen will then say, Data transfer complete and will ask you to remove the flash drive

8. After removing your flash drive, click ACCEPT on the lower right-hand side


9. After selecting ACCEPT, hit the Document button on the right side, then hit the Rx button


10. On the Rx screen, use the Prescription drop-down box and select Shapefile


11. After selecting Shapefile, you will now be on the Shapefile conversion screen. This is where you will use the drop-down boxes to fill in the information needed.


Out of Field Rate= The rate the planter will plant if it leaves the field boundary.

Loss of GPS Rate= The rate the planter will plant the tractor loses GPS signal.


12. Next, the page should read, THE SHAPEFILE CONVERSION HAS SUCCEEDED. Click ACCEPT in the lower right side.


13. After accepting the Shapefile conversion, you need to set the Look Ahead timing & hit Accept

NOTE: Look Ahead time is the time needed to adjust to a new rate

when driving from one rate area to the next


14. After accepting the Look Ahead timing, click on the Menu button on the bottom right corner and go to the Planter tab


15. Once you’re on the Planter tab, the last step is to make sure you planter is set on the correct rate. To do this, click on the Rate button in the top left. From there you can click on the rate that is correlated to your VR Prescription, which in the example picture is Rate 3.

Note: The rate correlated to your VR script is designated with the “Rx” symbol.


After selecting the correct rate, you should be ready to plant!

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