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Climate FieldView Boundaries Integration PDF

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Importing Climate FieldView® Boundaries into Advantage Acre

1. Sign in to the Advantage Acre account that you would like to link with a Climate FieldView account.
2. Click the Account tab near the top right of the screen, then proceed to click the Integrations tab on the far right of the screen.
3. Next, choose the tab, Climate FieldView Boundaries and click Sign into Account.1

4. The Sign into Account button will redirect you to the
picture to the right. Enter in the Climate FieldView username and password and click Log In.


A message allowing access from Climate FieldView will appear. If you agree to the terms, select Allow.3


The Climate FieldView account will now be synced with Advantage Acre and they will be able to pull field boundaries from Climate FieldView into Advantage Acre.
Note: This could take a few moments

a. The name of the field will appear on the left hand side of the screen.
b. In the middle, there is a drop down box of the farm that you wish to link to the field. Select the Farm.
c. The check boxes to the right signify which primary boundary you wish to use. If you have not previously created this field in Advantage Acre, check mark the FieldView boundary. If you have previously made the field in Advantage Acre, and would like to keep the Advantage Acre boundary, check the box below Advantage Acre.
d. When all the information is complete, click Sync Fields.


6. If you need help or additional support, please contact the Advantage Acre Support team ( or call at 1-(855)-278-9134.

Integrating Climate FieldView with Advantage Acre®

Please remember, it always easier to make your field boundaries first,
before integrating a Climate FieldView account

To integrate your Climate FieldView account with Advantage Acre please follow these steps:
1. Go to, and login, then go to the Data tab and click on Data Manager.


2. From the Data Manager, click on the Actions tab on the right side and then click
“Create Sharing Key”.


The Sharing Key is different than your password.

3. Once you have clicked “Create Sharing Key”, you will need to enter in your email address so the Sharing Key can be sent to you.


4. After you have received your Sharing Key, you should then log into ttps:// and go to the Account menu and click on Integrations. From there you can select Climate FieldView on the left. Here you can enter your username and Sharing Key and sign in.


The Sharing Key is different than your password

*Note: Your Sharing Key should have two parts. You must enter both parts. The Sharing Key should look similar to this- john.doe@example.com_56ec372e-6ab0-4553-9a0e-f880a

Now that you have signed in to your Climate FieldView account through Advantage Acre you should now be able to see your field data in Advantage Acre.


Note: If highlighted green, then field boundary has been created.
If pink, then field boundary has not been created.