Precision Planting 20/20

Precision Planting 2020 PDF

Precision Planting

  20/20 Seed Sense 

1. Download your variable rate recommendation from your Advantage Acre® account,
and place the zipped file into your flash drive.

2. To unzip the files, right click on the zipped folder. Select Extract All, then hit Extract to unzip the files.











After unzipping the files, there will be three files unzipped on your flash drive.


3. Create a new folder in your flash drive named Sendto2020, this is very important
so that the monitor knows where to pull the recommendation.


4.  Move all three of the files into the folder named Sendto2020. The picture below is
the view of the flash drive after the files have been moved.


5.  Insert the flash drive into the back or side of the 20/20 monitor.


6. Turn on the 20/20 monitor. Once on the home page, select Setup button located on
the lower right-hand corner of the monitor.


7. On the Setup and Configuration Page, select the Data tab located in the upper
right-hand corner of the screen.


8. Select the import button located directly below the data tab.


9. Select the Prescription/Boundary button.


10. After selecting the Prescription/Boundary Button a window will pop up, listing how
many shapefiles were successfully imported, select OK.


11. Select the Plant tab located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Next, select
Field Name on the right side of the screen in the upper right corner.


12. Click the Field that corresponds to the variable rate recommendation. If you do not
see the field, you can create a new field by pressing Create New in the top right-hand
corner of the screen.


13. After selecting the field, select the Prescription button located on the middle right
side of the screen.

14. After selecting the Prescription button, this is the page where all the prescriptions
are loaded into a list. Scroll the list to find the correct file and select Enter.


15. After selecting the prescription, you will need to select an attribute. The attribute
page will appear after you have selected a prescription or you can go to the attribute
button located on the right side of the field setup page.

Once you are on the attribute page you will need to select Tgt_Rate_s.
This is what the monitor uses for population. Select Enter.



16. To ensure that the VR recommendation was loaded correctly, press Home, then
select Map. At this point, the VR map will pop up.


17. If you have any questions or need help, please contact Advantage Acre support via
email ( or call the support line at 1-(855)-278-9134. Or
visit for more information on the 20/20
seed sense monitor.