The weather feature of Advantage Acre utilizes Weathertrends360 to give growers
accurate, long term forecasts to optimize productivity.

What weather information can I view from Advantage Acre?

  • From Advantage Acre, weather for a specific field can be viewed.
  • From the Weather tab, we can see a Weather Overview, 11-month trend, and a 4-week weather forecast.

Weather 1

  • Under the Weather Overview tab, precipitation, average temperature and GDU data can be viewed. Green means higher than average, and Red means lower than average.
    • Averages are based off 30-year historical weather data.
    • Comparison year can be changed to reflect recent previous years of historical
      weather data by using the drop-down arrow.
  • Under the 11-month weather trend, precipitation, average temperature, and GDU data can be viewed.
  • Under the 4-week weather forecast, precipitation, average temperature, and GDU data can be viewed.


Weather overview

Can I view the Weathertrends360 website to see this information?

  • Yes, as a subscriber to Advantage Acre Plus, you will get a special code to access the
    Weathertrends360 home page to see information as well.
  • When logging into Weathertrends360 for the first time, use the same email that was
    used to create your Advantage Acre account for your username. Click reset password and follow the steps to finish creating your Weathertrends360 account.

Do I need to keep my Weathertrends360 account?

  • If you currently have a Weathertrends360 account, you will purchase Advantage Acre at regular price. Your account will be credited at a pro-rated price so that you are not charged for the subscription twice. Please contact the Advantage Acre Associate Team to complete the process.


Weather – Informational PDF